About Me


My name is Edina Racsmán, I graduated in 2004 from the University of West Hungary as a national grant laureate by the Teachers’ Education School of Music and after that I expanded my knowledge at Szent István University where I earned my degree in Human Resource Counseling (MA).

At the moment I work as an HR consultant and my primary fields of activity are education-development and career management, but even so my love for the children remained, so I have been giving private courses in  for children in Budapest for 4 years.
I work in the private sector as a professional teacher and I see what competencies are necessary for the successes, what are the common mistakes in the education and I have a successful method in order to reach a progression that suits my students’ personality and their needs. 

During my classes I make an effort to coach the children for the challenges of life. 

Therefore I follow this attitude with the children in their studies, I put the emphasis on the essential points so that they can raise their effectiveness in the written and the oral communication and I give them such methods that will help them succeed in their independent learning, too. 

If you want your children become satisfied with themselves and be able to meet the school requirements easily, I think it is important to help them gain self-knowledge and confidence. 

I believe this is essential for a lifelong learning and a successful life.
If you feel interested about my presentation and you feel comfortable with letting your children study with my supervision and my development method, feel free to contact me as below, I’m looking forward to meeting you.